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Today, more than ever, business leaders need an edge or advantage over their competition. For years Fortune 500 companies have said that they would do anything to have the marketing advantage of the American fire service. As it is in the fire service, the greater the alarm, the greater the response. For a business to succeed and blow away the competition, it will need to sound an extra alarm and increase its response.

First In, Last Out: Leadership Lessons from the New York Fire Department

Do you want to discover some new insights into leadership and gain a fresh perspective on some established principles? Listen to the straightforward strategies and techniques practiced by the leaders of one of the most dynamic and effective organizations in America, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). Get the answers to the big leadership questions: How can I get my people to do what I want them to do? How can I make sure the right things get done? How can I make sure we're doing the right things in the first place? And how can I get the most out of my people? The tradition of phenomenal leadership in the FDNY is historic, and now you can take a front-row seat and learn how the FDNY's corps of leaders makes things happen. Whether you are a small business owner, CEO, frontline supervisor, or field manager, we inspire and guide you as you continue your leadership journey.

Book Cover"First In, Last Out offers straight-talking, practical and proven leadership insights in an engaging blend of history, heart and heads-up focus on leadership."

--Ivan Seidenberg, CEO, Verizon

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Life's Turns: It's All About Family

As we travel down our life's roads, we often face decisions as to which way to turn. Depending on the choice we make and the turn we choose, we either enjoy success or feel the sting of failure. But when our decisions are based on strong family values combined with a "workplace community," the results prove to be extremely successful. When you look at every success story, examine how it all happened. One thing stands out. One area continuously rises to the top. Family! Families make a community and a community is stronger than any one individual. A community that supports and promotes family values is unbeatable. Hear the chiefs explain the history and successful lifestyle of the American fire service family. Take a look inside, and see how firefighters manage their life at work and at home.


Soaring With Eagles: Bold, Honest and Realistic Leadership

If we have learned one thing from recent events, it's the fact that integrity is more important than ever. A leader cannot produce or succeed if he or she is without integrity and a strong belief in core values. Your integrity defines your character. Your character is defined as how you are and how you act when no one is watching! Your core values provide the foundation for your mission and your vision. So many of today's business leaders along with those that will succeed them some day lack foundation. Several will talk about core values, but many have not been shown how to live by those values. In the leadership world, it's hard to soar to great heights with wings that are weak and tarnished.


The Corporate Rapid Intervention Team: Who's Got Your Back?

When firefighters enter the danger zone inside a burning building, a team of specially trained and equipped firefighters stands by outside, ready to rush to the rescue of any firefighter in distress. When you are handling the biggest assignment of your career, who in your company can come to your rescue if things start to go bad? Some companies' personnel have become so specialized that if they leave for a better position, develop health problems, or otherwise become unable to finish their task, the survival of the project is in serious doubt. How can you prepare for this situation and ensure the survival of your organization?


Taking Command: Leading Through the Fire

So many of the people and organizations in the American workplace are floundering in mediocrity. Misplaced goals and priorities are the norm, causing many people to leap from job to job and career to career. The major reason for this situation is a lack of real leadership. Without a genuine and influential leader, every organization is susceptible to this contagious disease. The simple yet challenging solution to this problem is finding someone to take command. Using the tools that they employ to fight fires and save lives at emergency situations, join the chiefs of Five Alarm Leadership, LLC. as they walk you through the process that they use to take control of dangerous and rapidly deteriorating situations. Listen to their stories of fireground decision making, hazard assessment, and valor and discover how you can use these same processes to increase your own people's dedication, loyalty and productivity.

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