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The Engine Company  By John Salka, Battalion Chief (ret.), FDNY


In his new book, Battalion Chief Salka, a nationally recognized speaker and author with years of service in several career and volunteer departments, looks at both the similarities and differences in the engine company operations practiced by fire departments throughout the United States and discusses in detail the equipment, staffing, and operations of engine company firefighters at structural fires and emergencies in urban, suburban, and rural settings.

In this book, Salka teaches readers

• The abilities and limitations of engine companies, depending on equipment, staffing, and water supply

• To execute the tactical missions of engine companies

• The importance of mastering engine company functions for successful fire attack



The Engine Company is an invaluable resource for firefighters who want a better understanding of the functions of the engine company, and training officers and instructors.


  • Engine company apparatus
  • Tools, equipment, and appliances
  •  Firefighter assignments
  •  Water supply
  •  Hose and hose beds
  •  Fire attack strategies
  •  Standpipe operations
  •  Big guns and big water
  •  Foam operations
  •  Safety concerns
  •  The rapid intervention team engine
  •  Training
  •  Inspection and maintenance
  •  Scenarios

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Leadership Lessons from the New York Fire Department

By John Salka, Battalion Chief (ret.), FDNY, with Barret Neville


Salka's Book"What makes the FDNY thrive is its tradition of developing extraordinary leaders. In FIRST IN, LAST OUT, John Salka distills the principles of FDNY leadership into a compelling, practical, and highly readable guide that every leader and manager will want to read and reread."

--Captain D. Michael Abrashoff, U.S. Navy (ret.), author of It's Your Ship

"A fast-paced, highly valuable book on leadership, from the point of view of one of the nation's most effective organizations. A must-read for anyone who plans to be at the forefront when the going gets hot."

--Hank McKinnell, Chairman and CEO, Pfizer Inc.

"First In, Last Out offers straight-talking, practical and proven leadership insights in an engaging blend of history, heart and heads-up focus on leadership."

--Ivan Seidenberg, CEO, Verizon




Would the people who work for you follow you into a burning building?

John & RudyThe Fire Department of the City of New York is one of the most effective organizations in the world. And the foundation of that success is an extraordinary code of leadership, one that firefighters sum up with the phrase, "First in, Last Out." The senior officer on the team is always the first one into the burning building and the last one to leave. His people know that he's at their side, sharing the danger - not barking orders from the rear. There's no tolerance for buck-passing or finger-pointing.

Chief (ret.) John Salka, a thirty-three year veteran of the FDNY who rose from rookie to battalion chief, knows firsthand the power of "First In, Last Out" leadership. And now he has compiled the best leadership strategies of the FDNY into a practical, battle-tested guide for leaders in any field.

In FIRST IN, LAST OUT, Chief Salka shares some of the most gripping stories from his own career and those of his fellow officers on the front lines of the FDNY. The result is a lively, no-nonsense book about commanding respect, motivating your team, and getting the job done under extreme stress. You'll learn lessons that can be directly applied to tough challenges in the business world.

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